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From learning how to leave your slip, steer your boat, navigate, work your electronics out on the water, communicate by radio, to docking the boat at the end of your trip, we train you in the best practices of learning to handle your boat safely and efficiently.

We work with you on handling weather conditions, reading charts, knowing right of way, and boating at night.
If you have a sailboat, we teach you how to raise and lower your sails properly, how to trim your sails on the water, and how to care for them during and after your time on the water.

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If you need a boat relocated for whatever reason, we have the skills and experience to do it with you or for you. Whether you are moving the boat, or simply wish to have assistance on a passage that feels worrisome to you, or you need additional crew, we are there. Yacht delivery is one of our prime services.
You are welcome to come on the yacht  delivery with us, where we can arrange for training for you and your crew, or you can let us handle the complete project for you.

We are available for world-wide deliveries. Contact Us.


You may need a captain because you’re a newbie at boating and your insurance requires you to have one, or you may simply want the convenience and relaxation of having a part or full-time captain on your adventures.
Our crew members have collectively logged over one million miles on the water and collectively have over one hundred years’ experience.

We can captain one-day or months-long charters for you, we can take you snorkeling or scuba diving, take you on a boat tour, or handle your boat rental.

We can train you in all aspects of boating and captaining, or we can do it all for you and let you relax with friends and family.