has the basic exterior cleaning and safety services and adds interior cleaning; engine, electrical, and rigging inspections; and inspections of all systems to keep you safely afloat.
We’ll also run water faucets and clean strainers and inspect your galley, refrigerator and freezer.

• Wash with chamois dry
• Inspect dock lines and adjust fenders
• Stainless wipe down
• Manage bottom cleaning

• Stainless wipe down
• Counter wipe down
• Inspect fire extinguishers
• Inspect EPIRB
• Inspect life raft
• Inspect flares
• Inspect PFDs
• Inspect carbon monoxide detectors

• Check engine oil
• Check engine coolant
• Inspect engine belts
• Inspect Racor filters
• Check hoses, clamps
• Check bilges and pumps
• Check all fluids – lubricants, raw water intake and filtration
• Generator

• Check generator oil
• Check generator coolant

• Check A/C
• Inspect A/C filters
• Check hoses, clamps
• Check battery voltage
• Inspect galley, refrigerator and freezer
• Run all water faucets and clean strainers
• Manage pumpout schedule
• Inspect all bilge pumps
• Inspect all float switches
• Inspect all seacocks, open/close
• Inspect sea strainers (clean if needed)
• Inspect hull vents
• Cover or store cushions
• Wash cushions
• Visually inspect rigging

Yacht Maintenance Programs in Kemah, Seabrook, Houston Bay Area, Galveston, Clear Lake Freeport, La Porte and the Texas Gulf Coast.

Boat Repair & Yacht Maintenance  in  in Kemah, Seabrook, Houston Bay area, Galveston, Clear Lake,  Freeport, La Porte and the Texas Gulf Coast.