Brightwork for your Yacht or Boat

Brightwork for your boat or yacht in Kemah, Houston Bay area, Galveston, Clear Lake,  Freeport, La Porte and the Texas Gulf Coast. Having brightwork that is well-maintained can be one of the most eye-catching parts of a boat. It speaks well of care and attention to detail.

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 The beauty is one important aspect, but brightwork also has functionality, and keeping the brightwork well-maintained extends its life immeasurably.
We know from experience that maintaining the brightwork on a regular basis is far less costly than waiting till it’s worn or scratched and then having it done. We understand what’s needed and we do a great job, so contact us to schedule an appointment. We will tell you what’s needed to get it back up to standards, and what’s needed to keep it looking beautiful.


On boats, particularly wooden boats, brightwork is exposed metal and varnished woodworking, though amongst the yachting set it more often refers to the woodwork. The metal is usually brass or bronze that is kept polished, or stainless steel, which requires less maintenance. In the past, due to the environmental exposure experienced by boats, corrosion and UV damage made maintaining brightwork both Sisyphean and extremely labor-intensive. However, with the development of improved UV-absorbers and filters in the chemical composition of the various marine varnishes (spar varnish, polyurethane, or linear polyurethane), this work is not as intensive as it once was. Varnished finishes are maintained by sanding and re-finishing, and metalwork is maintained by polishing.