Yacht Electrical Systems

Yacht electrical system repair, install and diagnosis in Kemah, Laporte, Freeport, Clear Lake & the Texas Gulf Coast. From 12V to 480V electrical systems and more, we’ve seen it all. We can repair your shore power cord, upgrade your electrical panel, or fix your lights.

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 We will troubleshoot the smallest things, and we can rewire the entire boat.
Our work is detailed, neat, and clean. From a snarled scramble of wires, we create order and functionality.


No one who is not trained in marine high voltage systems should ever perform wiring on a boat. The potential for creating deadly system faults that are injurious to both people and the vessel itself is too risky. That includes something as apparently simple as wiring a new service outlet, for if you don’t understand the principles of the system, you are likely to unknowingly create a problem. Just because you know how to do wiring around the house, doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing on a boat. Let Yacht Service Company take this hazardous task on and do it right the first time.


Batteries are a constant source of aggravation to many boat owners, almost always for reasons that are preventable. These are: low quality batteries, poor or non existent maintenance, and improper installation and wiring.
As a general rule, batteries perform consistent with the price you pay for them. Good batteries are expensive, and shopping for price will only lead to momentary satisfaction. Cheap batteries have thin plates and poorly insulated casings and therefore cannot give long service.