Yacht Fire Suppression

Responsive imageAre your yacht fire suppression systems or  boat fire extinguishers expired?

As a Yacht Service Company our primary concern is our customers. It has come to our attention that boat fires have been prevalent in Clear Lake area this year.  So we’ve taken the time to compile the information below that may very well save your investment.

Our service records indicate that approximately 90% of the boats we inspect have expired fire suppression bottles in the engine room, most of which, are old style Halon bottles.  The primary problem with the older style systems is that, when discharged, they fill the engine space with powder that fouls the filters and, more often than not, penetrates the engine itself.  Although, dead in the water and stranded may be better than burning and sinking, neither is good.  In most cases, once the fire is out, you still need a tow in and engines have to be fully re-built.
Unfortunately, many fire suppression systems can cause major damage to – and even destroy – the very things they are supposed to protect. Since we believe you’re looking to avoid damage – not cause it and reduce downtime – not lengthen it.
When you consider the potentially devastating environmental effects of an uncontrolled fire, it’s easy to see that an FM-200® system is an important part of an environmentally responsible fire suppression solution.

We highly recommend replacing your outdated Halon system with: http://www.fireboy-xintex.com/fire_extinguishing.html
If you’re not sure what you have or when it expires, give us a call.  We’ll be happy to go by your boat, do a free inspection, and make recommendations accordingly.

FM-200 Fires suppression system stops fires fast!

Fireboy clean agent fire extinguisher systems are designed to automatically discharge whenever the protected space ambient temperature reaches 175 degrees F.
When the Fireboy System discharges, the extinguisher is designed to fully empty the contents in less than 10 seconds. No clean up is required. There is no powdery residue or water left behind. The fire is extinguished by a combination of heat reduction and chemical reaction.

The Yacht Service Company recommends a fire suppression system that deploys quickly and cleanly and will not leave behind oily residue, particulate, or water.
An environmentally responsible fire suppression solution for every kind of boat