Yacht Generator and Engine Service

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Yacht Engine repair

Do you know how many running hours your engine has on it? When did it last have a thorough inspection? Is it running smoothly and efficiently?
If your engine has difficulties, it’s not only a sure-fire way to ruin the fun of a trip or an outing, it’s also a huge safety issue. You can have carbon monoxide leaking into the boat from faulty engine gaskets, or you could find yourself adrift at sea.

We can give your engine a thorough inspection, install an engine hour meter, replace gaskets, check fluids, fix oil leaks, and do everything else necessary to get your engine in tip top running condition. Call us today – it’s not one of those things that should be put off to later.

Yacht Generators

Generators for boats are increasingly available in smaller, more affordable, more efficient designs. There are many choices to make and a great deal of information to sort through.

Once the decision is made, getting your generator installed properly is essential. From positioning and mounting, to seawater exchanges, to electrical connections, it needs to be done carefully and accurately.
We can help with the decision and we can do the installation. Get in touch with us and we can move you forward.