Yacht Rigging

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Yacht Rigging inspections and solutions in Kemah, La Porte, Freeporte, Clear Lake, Galveston & the Texas Gulf Coast.
Several of our staff have excellent backgrounds in rigging. We can give you a thorough visual inspection of your setup and let you know our observations and recommendations.

If you need a major refit, we know the companies to call to get it done right, and we’ll manage the project through to successful completion.

Naval architects designate sailboat rig types by number and location of masts. The six designations are sloop, cutter, cat, ketch, yawl, and schooner. Although in defining and describing these six rigs I may use terminology associated with the sail plan, the rig type has nothing to do with the number of sails, their arrangement or location.

Such terms that have no bearing on the rig type include headsail names such as jib, genoa, yankee; furling systems such as in-mast or in-boom; and sail parts such as foot, clew, tack, leach, and roach. Rig questions are one of the primary areas of interest among newcomers to sailing and studying the benefits of each type is a good way to learn about sailing. I will deal with the rigs from most popular to least.